Monday, March 21, 2005

The BIG 60

Are we having Fun yet?

BAck to School

I can Belt it Out if I want to!


Team Picture time!

Almost time to say Good By

The others can dance too!

Let me show you how.

Barbara is getting into the Music.

Seija is doing the ????

Dancing to the Music.

One happy Family!

What is Ben doing with his Hand?

Very serious Guys!

Others are dancing too!

Ari and Salme DANCING?

Ari drinking Water.

Discussing work? NOT!

The Big 60!

Barbara working Public relations!

Seija doing Shots!

Lets pose for a picture

One more HUG!

They are serious.

No more Beer for this one.

All th KIDS together.

Father and three sons.

They are up to NO GOOD!

They are smiling!

Now we loosen up!

Serious discussion about Finnish Citizenship.

Nothing Good Here!